Welcome to Bob's Lab

- MonoTalk

MonoTalk is a SPA-styled personal microblogging system where all contents are loaded through API's implmented with PHP. I use MonoTalk to instantly pen down my random thoughts, especially first impressions on the movies I watched recently.
» Link: Bob's Mono Talk

- bW

bW is a typical PHP blogging system, aiming to be lighweight and mobile friendly. It has all the features I feel necessary for a blog, and nothing else to make it another replica of WordPress.
» Link: InterGala

- RiQian for JSBox

RiQian is a quick tool to generate a poster with dates, pictures and thoughts. It runs on the powerful iOS app JSBox which allows users to create their own tools with JavaScript on iPhone or iPad.
» Link: RiQian

- Things Sorter for JSBox

Things Sorter is a tool to help me remember where those small things are stored, for example, keys, chargers, passport, etc. It allows me to create storage spaces such as a cabinet in the bedroom, and then "put" things into it.
» Link: Things Sorter